Devlive Over Open-Source

Most free open source content management systems give you the freedom of complete customizability but only if you’re an experienced coder. They offer tons of features but only if you know how to properly install them into your website. That’s a big job. Devlive offers you the functionality that you really want in a website creator, allowing you to build a website online that works the way you want it. You don’t have to touch any code if you don’t want too.

Open source is, of course, free, but when you look at all the costs for hosting your site, and having someone customize it for you, it gets expensive. Devlive gives you all the tools you need to make a great looking website by yourself and also provides hosting for your site for one flat monthly price. Not to mention a free domain, which saves you all that trouble trying to find one and having to pay for it!

Knowledgeable about code or not, there is a Devlive site for you. Drag and drop, upload graphics and manage private sections easily.